The Massacoustics
Tequilla Under The Bridge

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CD Country Music Meeting 2017
The Thompson Brothers mit dabei
Titel 6: Thompson Brothers (USA) - Don’t do it

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15 Years at the American Western Saloon
The Thompson Brothers mit dabei
Titel 4: Sound Track of the Summer

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CD Country Music Meeting 2013
The Thompson Brothers mit dabei
Titel 1: All Night Long, The Thompson Brothers

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The Massacoustics
(The Thompson Brothers)
The banjo EP

1. Unnaffected 03:19
2. Wishing You Were Here 03:13
3. Picture Show 03:16
  4. Eventually 03:50
5. All Night Long 02:40
6. Afraid Of You 03:05



Die neue CD !

The Massacoustics (The Thompson Brothers)
Driver's Side Window

Here is a video of the dance to the Thompson Brothers song JEALOUSY (from the EP Drivers Side Window). The dance JEALOUSY was created by Gudrun Schneider, one of Germanys most popular line dance choreographers.


1. One Drink At A Time 04:05
2. Jealousy 03:35
3. Home 03:54
  4. Fifth Times A Charm 02:19
5. Cut And Dry 03:14
6. Driver's Side Window 03:49





The Thompson Brothers
New Orleans


1. One Drink At A Time
2. Tears tell The Truth
3. Shooting My Mouth
4. Move On
5. Making A Killing
6. New Orleans
  7. Suburban Song
8. Lucky Sometimes
9. I Can't Shake You
10. Who's It Gonna Hurt
11. Living The Dream
12. Red Beans And Rice



Die CD zum Country Music Meeting 2011
mit 20 Songs

mit dabei The Thompson Brothers
Titel 6.
Thompson Brothers - One Drink at a Time

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  The Thompson Brothers
Old State Road
© 2008 The Thompson Brothers
The Thompson Brothers have been bouncing around under the Nashville radar for the past two decades. They have shared the stage with countless country legends from George Jones, Willie Nelson and Steve Earle to Kenny Chesney, Alabama, Sara Evens and Martina McBride. They had two top 40 hits in the mid 90's a hit video and one hell of a live following. They now spend most of their time writing songs and doing session work, but still tour when the moods strikes. The two brothers tear it from time to time in Europe, and after 20 years can still manage to have the time of their lives anytime they're one stage.
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Songtexte als PDF:
1 Jenny's Barn
2 Wicked Words
3 Don't Do It
4 September
5 If You Believe
6 Ramona
7 Autumn in Tennessee
8 Nobody Listens to a Fool
9 Atlanta 1864
10 The Truth
  11 To Not Be Me
12 A Shot to Win
13 Would You Be Gone
14 Strong Enough to Let Go
15 Natural
16 Chance to Shine
17 The Best Days
18 Devil's Bone Yard
19 Alright
20 Halfway Right


  The Massacoustics
Livin´ the dream
© 2009 The Massacoustics
A live version of ourselves, capturing the energy and mistakes of Duval Street in Key west.
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  The Massacoustics
Suburban Songs
© 2005 The Massacoustics
The Massacoustics put a new and powerful twist on the term acoustic duo. If you take the energy of McCartney's melodies, the confident vocals of Crowded House and added the depth of Al green you would get a sound similar to the infectious groove called The Massacoustics.
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The Thompson Brothers
Die erste deutsche Produktion der Thompson Brothers erschien 2005

Es ist faszinierend, zu beobachten, wie zwei Vollblutmusiker den Sound einer ganzen Band auf die Bühne bringen.
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Das Album enthält 16 starke Songs, darunter brandneue Studioaufnahmen von "Soundtrack Of The Summer", "Quiet" und "Underachiever". Erstmals auf CD auch Live-Favoriten wie "Tip Toe" oder Swept Away". Ein Mix aus Country, R&B und Rock'N'Roll mit einem Schuss Soul.
16 Titel beste, handgemachte Musik, wie sie authentischer und vielseitiger nicht sein kann.

01. Underachiever 07. Heavy
02. Soundtrack Of The Summer 08. Something Stronger
03. Damn Good 09. Swept Away
04. Giving All My Loving Away 10. Leavin' It Up To You
05. Good Year 11. Wrap You Up In Honey
06. The Forever Song 12. Tip Toe


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Thompson Brothers

"a massacoustic thing"

a massacoustic thing 5. Something Stronger
1. Underachiever   6. Good Stuff
2. The Forever Song   7. Sound Track Of The Summer
3. Giving All My Loving Away   8. That`s It
4. Heavy   9. Quiet
Line Dance zum Song "Sound Track Of The Summer"
Anleitung in deutsch und englisch


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